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We are premier source for commercial sealant and waterproofing products and solutions.

With the innovations and expertise that every job requires, we see your project through so you can finish on time and on budget.

We’re the only distributor you need, and our reputation is as airtight as our products.



  • Caulk and Sealants

    Rod and Sof Rod joint fillers

    Joint backing materials

    Sealants for all aspects of the commercial construction

    Silicone sealants

    Coatings and preformed strips

    Highway and airport joint sealants

    Pool deck products

    Precompressed Sealants & Expansion Joints System

  • Concrete Repair and Restoration

    Restoration and new construction products

    Deck coatins

    Wall coatings

    Waterproofing and water repellents

    Natural stone and terra cotta repair mortars

    Chemical grouts for waterproofing applications

    Structural ties for brick, block and other applications

    Mechanical and chemical concrete and masonry anchoring systems

    Wet/dry shotcrete

    Self consolidating concrete

    Rapid setting concretes

    Restoration products for infra-structure

    Concrete repair products



  • Wall Coatings and Systems

    High build wall coatings for the concrete & masonry

    High solids silicone wall coating

    Water Repellents and grafetti coatings



  • Waterproofing and Air Barriers

    Vertical and horizontal water repellents and grafetti coatings

    Waterproofing and air barrier products

    Weatherseal line of water repellents: for all stone, masonry and concrete applications

    Graffiti coating and stone strengtheners

    Complete line of chemical grouts for waterproofing applications



  • Masonry

    Masonry and concrete cleaners

    Masonry sealers

    Extruded polystyrene insulation

    Masonary anchors, ties and accessories

    Flashing and accessories

    Structural ties for brick, block and other applications

    Masonry mortars, tuckpoint mix and fill grouts

    Vapor barriers and self adhered flashing

    Accessories for all masonry applications



  • Deck Coating and Expansion Joints

    Deck Waterproofing Systems

    Expansion joints



  • Tools and Accessories

    Caulking Guns and accessories

    Brick and mortar saws

    Electric and cordless power tools

    Hand-pump Sprayers

    Hand mixers and accessories

    Saw Blades

    Hoof Trimming Discs

    Masonry Handsaws

    Trimming Tools

    Diamond blades and cupwheels

    Cordless Caulk Cutter and accessories


    Mechanical and chemical concrete and masonry anchoring systems

    Safety Harnesses and accessories

    Electric Hand Mixers and accessories



  • Solvents and Cleaners

    Masonry cleaners

    Concrete cleaners

    Xylene, Toluol, Acetone, MEK, Isopropyl Alcohol, Mineral Spirits


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