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Procurement services for construction materials and equipment, building supplies, chemical supplies, restaurant supplies and fire protection.
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Delta Procurement Inc.’s heritage is built on large construction projects. It is what we built our foundation on and what we continue to excel at today. When it comes to construction, we are proud to say that we serve on time and on a budget.


We provide turnkey procurement services to overseas contractors throughout the world. We specialize in all construction projects, however our prominent knowledge in military projects and government operations exceeds all expectations.


Our services will help you keep your prices competitive, and help you improve your labor productivity.


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We are premier source for commercial sealant and waterproofing products and solutions.


With the innovations and expertise that every job requires, we see your project through so you can finish on time and on budget.


We’re the only distributor you need, and our reputation is as airtight as our products.


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Restaurant Supply


From Cooking or Restaurant Equipment to Refrigeration, Kitchen utensils to storage, Restaurant Supplies and transport, we’ll have everything you're looking for to run an ideal Food or Restaurant establishment the way you'd expect.


We continually strive to raise the bar.





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Fire Protection


Delta Procurement Inc. supplies the highest quality fire-protection products dedicated to the fire-sprinkler contractor.


We eliminate the need to contact multiple service companies by offering total fire protection.


We focus on high-end fire alarm systems and all special hazard fire suppression systems.


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Delta Procurement Inc. is a leading provider of U.S. manufactured products.